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S.T. Cotter Turbine Services inspects and repairs a wide variety of industrial equipment in the Agriculture Industry. STCTS regularly installs machinery foundations and bases for most types of rotating and stationary equipment. We utilize the most advanced laser technology to set equipment within .006” of an inch. We provide unique, custom inspections to equipment like high pressure ammonia pumps and compressors specific to the Agriculture Industry. Additionally, STCTS can scan your entire construction environment to record progress and technically document.

Our company can act quickly to mobilize a small crew of 2 in hours or as large of a crew of 50 within 24 hours. Whatever the size, constraints, logistics and demand of your next outage, STCTS can meet your need for Industrial Construction and Machinery Services.

Typical Machine Serviced: Small Motors and Ultra High Pressure Ammonia Pumps to the largest multi-rotor machines.

Typical OEMs Serviced: Allis-Chalmers, BBC/Alstom, Dresser Rand, General Electric, Lufkin, Pratt & Whitney, Shin Nippon, Toshiba, Worthington, Weg-Em, Ansaldo, Delaval, Elliott, Fuji, Ideal, Murry/Terry, Rolls Royce, Solar, Turbodyne, Westinghouse, Philadelphia Gear, Faulk,


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