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Quality Control Roles in Manufacturing

It happens more often than you think. The last of the orders are produced and ready to deliver and just as things are almost out the door, a manufacturing defect surfaces. There goes the entire allotted time for the project and all of your energy and costs of production with it. Now comes the difficult part – letting the customer know.

Quality control at every step of the process is a vital part of manufacturing. Not just to avoid an embarrassing conversation with the customer, but to ensuring accountability and your business’s integrity. Ensuring you have the right tools and roles in place is integral to maintaining accountable quality. At the end of the day, who do you hold responsible for a job well done, or one that’s been very poorly conducted? The truth to the matter is that quality control is as much an individual responsibility as it is a group effort. It is important to have check points and key figures in place to conduct the checks, but it also important to ensure that controls are happening within different levels of the manufacturing process. A well-oiled system with open lines of communication are essential to high-end production.

A Team of Engineers

Your engineers are the brains behind the products. They have the right training and knowledge to review production for faults and make corrections as necessary. They are also good sources for accountability because usually, product design happens with your engineers. If things aren’t quite looking as they should, these are the people to turn to for answers. For these reasons, keeping your engineers in close proximity can save you time and costs in the long run. They may seem like quite an investment into your business, but having a reputed team of engineers can be vital to your company’s growth and reputation.

Once you have the right team, create a process for your team that requires check-in-balances and reviews of products not just individually, but also with each other. Having at least two sets of eyes is almost always better than having one. Since they are the folks who will also have a solution to the problem, give them a chance to get creative and have the ideas flowing. Even a good product can be made better

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