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Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers, Artificial Jewellery Wholesalers in Mumbai, India, USA, UK – Kanhai Jewels

With the growing demand of the artificial jewelleries in India and all-round the globe, it is not surprising to see so many manufacturers coming up. And while with the various designs, the quality is also a concern, you can simply end your search here.

We at Kanhai Jewels, established in 2001, we are manufacturer and wholesaler of Indian Jewellery and Western trendy jewellery, as well as Exporter of Traditional Indian Jewellery. We provide the best of everything’s keeping in mind the latest ongoing trends. With this commitment, we have become the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in India by providing the latest fashion jewelry wholesale in India. We are into B2B Business, so we follow only wholesale business concept & Our We do export of imitation jewellery from our B2B website.

And our reach is not just limited to India. With our skilled craftsman, we are one of the best imitation jewelry wholesalers and suppliers in India, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Cyprus, Qatar, Iraq, KUWAIT, France, Bahrain, Pakistan, Senegal, Hong Kong, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Mali, Cambodia, Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sweden, Fiji, UAE, Thailand, Ghana, Ireland, Norway, China, Poland, Libya, Guyana, Peru, Brunei, Belgium, Israel, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Latvia, Mexico many more. So, be it the Artificial Jewelry , Imitation Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry, American Diamond (AD) / CZ (Cubic Zircon) Jewelry, Indo Western, Designer Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Temple Jewelry, Indian Fashion Jewelry, Ethnic jewelry, traditional jewelry, Silver Oxidized Jewelry, Gold Plated Jewelry, Bollywood Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, we make sure to compose every single piece with beautiful designs and style.

So, if you are traveling in any part of the country, we are available everywhere with the help of our talented teams making our venture one of the biggest wholesale imitation jewellery suppliers in India. So, whether it is the Bulk selling of gold plated jewellery, kundan jewellery, antique jewelry, fashion costume jewellery wholesale in India, our every collection will meet your expectation and without a doubt.

We are one of the top imitation jewellery manufacturers in India and also achieved the feet of becoming leading top artificial jewellery exporters in India. We have thus become a popular online fashion store providing every individual the best quality products in Antique Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, American Diamond CZ Jewellery, Indo-western Jewellery, Designer Jewellery, Western Jewellery.

Kanhai Jewels is a final destination of the best quality artificial jewellery. Our mission is to impress our customers with the best quality jewelry. We serve with all the efforts to make it the best shopping experience online. Our motto is to make imitation jewelry a statement for every woman. We sell imitation jewelry as both wholesaler and retailer. We make it preciously for all the customers so that you love the real elegance of ornaments.

We have complete artificial jewellery store. We sell all sorts of wholesale jewellery online. After visiting our store, It will be the most attractive jewellery shopping journey online for you. Wedding guests also present the unique quality of fashion jewellery and traditional jewellery to make their gift as unforgettable. Kanhai Jewels assist you in reaching your dreams by making artificial jewellery online shopping easier. We sell unique patterns of artificial jewellery online in India. Kanhai Jewels sell the best quality gold plated jewellery online. This is a kind of imitation jewellery that is most preferred with Indian bridal outfits. Apart from these, you can pair American Diamond (AD) jewellery to pair with Christian bridal outfits.

You can purchase artificial jewellery online anytime from anywhere on this planet. The most loved wholesale jewellery shopping experience is waiting for you!

With the advent of the modern days, women started preferring imitation jewellery. The regular maintenance of original gold and silver ornaments sometimes call unwanted hassle. Then, artificial jewellery, including fashion jewellery started gaining more popularity.

Kanhai Jewels is a hub of fashion jewelry. Our website has full descriptions of artificial jewellery designs catalogue with price. We assure you of the most delightful jewelry shopping experience online. We have an enriched collection of all types of fashion jewelry you need. more…

Wide categories of imitation jewellery to cater our valuable customers:

  • Antique Jewellery
  • Kundan Jewellery
  • American Diamond CZ Jewellery
  • Indo-western Jewellery
  • Designer Jewellery
  • Western Jewellery

Each of the categories has a full selection of all sorts of essential fashion imitation jewelry. Each category represents a different culture of fashion jewelry and ethnic / traditional jewellery as well.

Kanhai Jewels: the root lies in the traditional jewellery

Traditional jewelry also known as Indian Fashion Jewellery or Ethnic Jewellery. We admire the traditional jewellery designs as shown by the ancestors of India. The culture of traditional jewellery rises with time now. Kanhai Jewels worked for years to cultivate the rich collections of such beautiful traditional jewellery. We have all sorts of ornaments in this section.

We do not overlook the root-culture of traditional jewellery. And our jewellery experts create such beautiful maintaining the main culture of Indian jewellery. Whatever be the category of ornaments, we maintain an Indian streak in every design. Only a few fashion jewellery has westernized designs to meet the requirements of the customers.

We guide our customers to the best ways of Indian jewellery shopping ideas. If you visit our site, you will feel that imitation jewellery shopping is now the most comfortable thing on the earth!.

The best of Kundan Jewellery

We know the royal culture of Kundan jewellery. It came from the royal jewellery tradition of India. But now it is no longer a dream for jewelry hoarders. We have all sorts of jewelry in Kundan jewellery section. The love for stones and beads in jewelry will be fulfilled with a Kundan jewellery set. All the jewelry we sell in this category is handcrafted with lots of patience and time. So, perfection is guaranteed as always. The colourfulness of the Kundan works best with all sorts of ethnic wear and sarees.

We provide you with the best of the exclusiveness of Kundan jewellery with fine detailing. The beauty of the Kundan works lies in the quality of the stones and beads. And we use the premium quality product for such detailing. Kundan necklace and earring sets are the best options to gift to any wedding occasion. The bride of modern India loves to match Kundan necklace with other Kundan jewellery like earrings, tikka, rings and so on.

Trendiest fashion jewellery collection

The fashion jewellery we sell on our online store is up to the date. The designs get upgraded with time and changes of trend. The styles of artificial jewellery keep changing with the changes in the fashion world & Bollywood Industry too. People are also getting inspired by Bollywood Jewellery. We follow the latest trends to keep you updated in style.

Avail the most of the fashion jewellery

We offer you the most appreciated wide range of all types of artificial jewellery. While creating a new catalogue we also take care of latest fashion in Bollywood Jewelry including Costume Jewelry. You will be surprised to see the new look known as Silver Oxidized Jewellery (Victorian look).

Fashion jewellery for all age groups

The artificial jewellery collection is of many types. Kanhai Jewels have a vast section of each category where you can avail of the choice you want. The Indian jewellery tradition rises from the ancient period. Older women prefer lightweight artificial jewellery. Sleek and simple patterns are available in each section of ornaments. Whereas the younger women love gorgeous collections which are available in all categories. So, we hope that we will be able to meet your requirement, whatever be your age.

Artificial jewellery for every occasion

We sell artificial jewellery for every kind of occasion. Suppose, you need a complete bridal collection with matching ornaments. We can provide you with customized designer jewelry as per your choice and need. You can choose traditional jewelry for a wedding occasion. And the Indo Western collection is the most loved for the reception parties. For the engagement occasion, you can pair American Diamond CZ jewellery. Moreover, American Diamond jewellery also known as CZ (Cubic Zircon) Jewelry looks very elegant, and it can be worn at office parties too.

Gift on every occasion

Some people love to gift imitation jewelry to a near and dear one in auspicious occasions like puja, wedding and other events. The temple jewellery carries the impressions of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Lord Ganesha, Krishna and Laxmi. Besides, fashion jewellery like Indo Western is a multipurpose collection. The bridal gold plated jewellery looks lovely one the brides. Presenting an all in one gold plated jewelry will make a woman happier at any time.

Wholesale jewellery rates

Artificial jewellery has created a flood of the collection in the online store of Kanhai Jewels! It means you can find whatever you are looking for right now. We have customized wholesale jewellery options also for people in the business. The price of wholesale jewelry is also reasonable. Give yourself a chance to visit the online store of the most reputed imitation jewellery wholesalers of India.

The types of imitation jewellery you get from Kanhai Jewels

Kanhai Jewels have an extensive collection of Indian jewellery. Here you get traditional jewellery as well as modern ones. The main types of ornaments you will get from here are of many types. These are:

  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Bangles
  • Bracelet
  • Pendant set
  • Finger Ring
  • Mangalsutra
  • Kada
  • Jhumkis
  • Chain
  • Tikka (Maang Tikka)
  • Nose Ring (Nose Pin / Nath)
  • Belt (Hip Belt / Kamar Patta)
  • Payal (Anklet)
  • Hath Paan
  • Baju Band
  • Bore
  • Hath Pan
  • Jhuda
  • Kalangi
  • Pasa
  • Toe rings
  • Chains
  • Damini
  • Ear Chain
  • Sindoor Box (Sindoor dabbi / Kum Kum Box)
  • Body Jewelry
  • Brooch
  • Hair accessories
  • Hair Brooch
  • Hair Clip

We also have the special bridal range like Full Bridal Necklace Sets, Bridal Jewellery (Dulhan Sets), Choker Necklace Sets to match your attire with ornaments

Plating and finish of artificial jewellery

Kanhai Jewels have a rich collection of all sorts of plating like Gold Plating (Gold Polish), Matte Gold Plating (Matte Finish Jewellery), Rhodium Plating (Rhodium Polish), Matte Rhodium Plating (Matte Rhodium Polish), Rose Gold Plating (Rose Gold Polish), Oxidised Plating (Oxidised Polish), Black Plating (Black Polish), Black Rose Plating, Mehndi Plating (Mehendi Plating), 2 Tone Plating & 3 Tone Plating. And the patterns we follow are the best thing that made us stand in this platform in the Indian jewellery industry.

The all in one solution for imitation jewellery online shopping

Kanhai jewels have all the answers of the artificial jewellery related queries you are stumbling at! We suggest visiting our online store to get a clear view of our collection and facilities of shipping. We transfer the value of Indian jewellery from person to person by selling the best quality imitation jewellery. We aim to our earn success through customers’ authentic feedback.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What kinds of artificial jewellery can you buy from Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai Jewels online jewellery store sells a vast range of bridal jewellery, American diamond jewellery, Kundan jewellery, Antique jewellery, Traditional jewellery, Ethnic jewellery, designer jewellery and so on.

Are these imitation jewellery famous worldwide?

Yes! These artificial and imitation jewellery are famous worldwide. People from almost all Asian countries buy such ornaments for various occasions. And some jewellery like the American Diamond CZ jewellery is famous in the western world too.

What is the best kind of bridal jewellery available here?

You can choose bridal jewellery for various occasions apart from wedding occasions. Kundan jewellery, Cubic Zirconia Jewellery (CZ Jeweller), Ethnic Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery are all gorgeous ornaments which are similar to bridal jewellery.

Can you buy Traditional Jewellery sets from us?

Kanhai Jewels online artificial jewellery store sell all sorts of Traditional Jewellery sets. It means you will get matching earrings, necklace, magalsutra and bangles sets so that you need not find it anywhere else.

What kinds of platings are available for Artificial Jewellery?

We have many types of plating for our Artificial Jewellery sets. The most popular plating is gold plating and silver plating. Apart from these, there are rhodium plating, copper plating, Mehendi plating, oxidized plating and so on.

Can you get customized Kundan Jewellery here?

We have a great team of jewellery experts who can design your preferred designs of Kundan Jewellery. You will get the customized necklace, earrings, bridal jewellery sets, pendant sets and many more things here.

How is the cost of the Artificial Jewellery of our store?

The cost of Artificial Jewellery is the best according to the market prices. We are the pioneer in the industry of Artificial Jewellery.

What about the shipping of Ethnic Jewellery?

Kanhai Jewels team take great efforts for the shipping of products. We believe in the on-time delivery of products.

How to care our Antique Jewellery sets for extending longevity?

Kanhai Jewels jewellery expert team is here always to help you with the care of Antique Jewellery. And we will provide you with a detailed guideline after purchasing ornaments. You can follow the same to maintain the glow of the jewellery sets.

How to place an order for shopping Imitation Jewellery?

We have secured payment options for online payments. Kanhai Jewels team of customer care executives are always there to help you for clearing doubts of Imitation Jewellery shopping.


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