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India Suppliers & India Manufacturers

India Suppliers & India Manufacturers | India Sources Unsupported browser detected. If using Internet Explorer, please turn off Compatibility View for the best experience. Alternatively, you may wish to use a different browser. Back to Top Please wait while page loads.’; JSMsg.cancel = ‘Cancel’; JSMsg.confirm = ‘Confirm Window’; JSMsg.would = ‘Would you like to add the selected item(s) to your inquiry basket?’; JSMsg.yes = ‘ Yes ‘; = ‘ No ‘; JSMsg.adding = ‘Please select a category before adding.’; JSMsg.enter = ‘Please type in English.’; JSMsg.enterInqAll = ‘This message will be used for your inquiry to these additional suppliers. Please write a message that is suitable for more than one supplier, not only for a specific supplier.’; JSMsg.emailmsg = ‘Please enter your message’; JSMsg.emailnum = ‘Please enter between 20 to 1500 characters’; JSMsg.bookmark = ‘Please press ^D (CTRL-D) to bookmark this page’; JSMsg.logo = ‘Global Sources: The Largest Base of Suppliers’; JSMsg.subnow = ‘Please select a category before clickingnthe “SUBSCRIBE NOW” button.’; JSMsg.follow = ‘Please select the supplier(s) you want to follow.’; JSMsg.tryagain = ‘follow suppliers no successfuly,please try again.’; JSMsg.crossregerr = ‘encounter error when handling cn subscribe action: ‘; JSMsg.magazine = ‘You are subscribed to this magazine’; JSMsg.error = ‘Encounter error when submit form.’; JSMsg.decimal = ‘Please enter numeric character(s) up to 2 decimal units only.’; JSMsg.selectup = ‘Select’; JSMsg.selectall = ‘Select all’; JSMsg.unselectall = ‘Unselect all’; JSMsg.hostname=’’; //FormChek.js JSMsg.singlemsg = ‘This field must be a single, valid email address (like Please reenter it now.’; JSMsg.validmsg = ‘This field must be a valid e-mail address (like Please reenter it now.’; JSMsg.charmsg = ‘Please enter only characters A-Z a-z 0-9 . @ _ – for E-mail Address.’; JSMsg.valuemsg = ‘Enter e-mail’; JSMsg.valuemsg1 = ‘Enter e-mail address’; JSMsg.valuemsg2 = ‘Please enter e-mail’; JSMsg.valuemsg3 = ‘Please enter your e-mail address’; JSMsg.valuemsg4 = ‘Please select at least one category.’; JSMsg.codemsg = ‘Please Enter Code’; JSMsg.prodmsg = ‘Please enter product keyword(s)’; JSMsg.emailaddr = ‘Enter your e-mail address’; JSMsg.enteremail = ‘Enter your email here’; JSMsg.examplejsun = ‘’; JSMsg.examplemp3 = ‘Example: MP3 player’; JSMsg.exampleabc = ‘’; JSMsg.egabc = ‘e.g.’; //DIDYOUFIND_INLINEAD.JS JSMsg.pssclose = ‘Close’; JSMsg.psscan = ‘Can we help you find suppliers?’; JSMsg.psssubmit = ‘Submit a request form’; JSMsg.psschat = ‘Chat with customer service’; JSMsg.nothanks = ‘No thanks!’; JSMsg.popupurl = ‘’; JSMsg.pssurl = ‘ Inline Banner Clicks’; //EGSOL_WEB_UI.JS JSMsg.uielem = ‘Elem as a trigger that will not be appended to body.’; JSMsg.uiloading = ‘Loading… please wait.’; //FORM.JS JSMsg.hide = ‘Hide’; JSMsg.msgtemplate = ‘Please enter minimum 20 characters’; JSMsg.usedelone = ‘Sorry, this template has already been deleted. Please use another saved template for your message or create a new one.’; //PA_FORM.JS & PALITE_FORM.JS JSMsg.deletetxt = ‘Delete’; = ‘Please select the category(s) you wish to add.’; = ‘Search’; JSMsg.examplemp3s = ‘Example:MP3 players’; JSMsg.enterprod = ‘Enter a product you are sourcing’; JSMsg.enterkeyword = ‘Please enter minimum 2 characters to start your search.’; JSMsg.nomatching = ‘Sorry, no matching Product Alert categories for your keyword’; JSMsg.patryagain = ‘Please try again using another keyword.’; JSMsg.didyoumean = ‘Did you mean:’; JSMsg.wishselect = ‘Select the product categories you wish to receive alerts on.’; JSMsg.chooseindustry = ‘Please choose an industry’; JSMsg.matching = ‘Matching categories for’; //PASUBSCRIBED.JS JSMsg.enterfirst = ‘Please enter minimum 2 charactersnto start your search.’; //INQUIRYFORM.JS JSMsg.msglong = ‘Your message is too long.’; JSMsg.errfound = ‘Error found in the following fields:n’; JSMsg.inqmsg = ‘* Messagen’; JSMsg.inqtell = ‘* Tell the supplier about your companyn’; JSMsg.charnum = ‘Please enter between 20 to 1500 characters’; JSMsg.areacode = ‘Area Code’; JSMsg.areac = ‘Area C’; JSMsg.telphone = ‘Fax Number’; = ‘City’; = ‘Province/State’; JSMsg.postcode = ‘Zip/Postal Code’; JSMsg.enternum = ‘Please enter only numbers for ‘; JSMsg.entername = ‘Please enter Login Name.’; JSMsg.enterpwd = ‘Please enter Password.’; JSMsg.remove = ‘Remove’; JSMsg.deleteerr = ‘ERROR:: Unable to delete your attachment.’; JSMsg.uploading = ‘Uploading …’; JSMsg.saveeer = ‘ERROR :: Could not save the inquiry form!’; JSMsg.pageloading = ‘Loading Page. Please wait…’; JSMsg.dhtml = ‘DHTML Window’; JSMsg.dhtmlmsg1 = ‘DHTML Window has been closed, so no window to load contents into. Open/Create the window again.’; JSMsg.oncloseerr = ‘An error has occured somwhere inside your “onclose” event handler’; JSMsg.dhtmlmsg2 = ‘DHTML Window has been closed, so nothing to show. Open/Create the window again.’; JSMsg.inqselect = ‘Please select your e-mail address’; JSMsg.allsupp1 = ‘You are inquiring to all verified suppliers in the’; JSMsg.allsupp2 = ‘category. Make sure your message applies to all suppliers in this category, not an individual supplier.’; JSMsg.attachmsg = ‘Attach File(s)’; JSMsg.attachretry = ‘Retry’; JSMsg.eoq = ‘Example: 10000’; JSMsg.firstName = ‘First/Given Name’; JSMsg.lastName = ‘Last/Family Name’; JSMsg.countryCode = ‘Country Code’; JSMsg.areaCode = ‘Area Code’; JSMsg.telephoneNumber = ‘Telephone Number’; JSMsg.savesuccess = ‘Saved successfully.’; JSMsg.deletesuccess = ‘Delete successfully.’; //EditSupplierAlertTable.js JSMsg.alertmsg1 = ‘Are you sure you want to stop following the’; JSMsg.alertmsg2 = ‘selected supplier(s)?’; //SUPPLIER.JS JSMsg.searchpro = ‘Search products in English’; JSMsg.searchpsupp = ‘Search suppliers by name in English’; JSMsg.searchcomp = ‘Enter company name in English’; JSMsg.searchnews = ‘Search sourcing news in English’; JSMsg.searchgs = ‘Search product in Global Sources’; JSMsg.searchprogs = ‘Search products in English in Global Sources’; JSMsg.newdesc = ‘New’; JSMsg.seeall = ‘See All Categories’; JSMsg.seeless = ‘See Less Categories’; //CreateSupplierRelatedScript.js JSMsg.samsg1 = ‘We’re sorry. You cannot follow this supplier on your Supplier Alert updates since doing so will exceed the’; JSMsg.samsg2 = ‘-supplier maximum. If you’d like to follow this supplier, please do the following:nn1) Go to Edit Supplier page and remove one or more of your followed suppliers.nn2) Return to this page and click “Follow this supplier” again.’; JSMsg.funcunavailable = ‘Sorry, this function is currently not available.’; //JQUERY_AUTOCOMPLETE.JS JSMsg.nomatchdata = ‘No matched data found.’; JSMsg.fromexhibitors = ‘from Exhibitors’; //CHAT.JS JSMsg.chatMsgEmpty = ‘Please input message before pressing “Enter”.’; JSMsg.chatUserLogout = ‘You are logged out. Please login to continue to chat with supplier.’; JSMsg.chatSupplierOffline = ‘This user is offline. You can leave a message.’; JSMsg.chatAnotherLogin = ‘You could not chat with supplier as another user is currently logged in on this machine. nPlease log out to chat with supplier. ‘; JSMsg.chatSecurityTip = ‘This unknown link can potentially harm your account/device. If you do not trust the source, please do not click this link.’; JSMsg.chatSupplierOfflineTip = ‘is offline. You can leave a message.’; JSMsg.chatFormatNotSupport = ‘This message format is not supported at the moment. Please use the App to view this type of message.’; JSMsg.chatConnectionTimedout=’Connection timed out, please try again.’; JSMsg.chatInvitationTip='{0} from {1} invites you to chat, start your conversation?’; JSMsg.chatConfirmAgree = ‘Agree’; JSMsg.chatConfirmReject = ‘Reject’; JSMsg.chatConfirmSuccess = ‘successfully.’; JSMsg.chatConfirmNoSuccess = ‘Sorry, no successfully, please try again.’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoCompanyName=’Company Name’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoJobTitle=’Job Title’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoBusinessAddress=’Business Address’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoCompanyWebside=’Company Website’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoBusinessType=’Business Type’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoYearEstablished=’Year Established’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoNumberOfEmployees=’Number of Employees’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoBusinessEmail=’Business E-mail’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoBusinessContactNumber=’Business Contact Number’; JSMsg.chatUserInfoFaxNumber=’Fax Number’; JSMsg.tencentSdkAppId = ‘1400072170’; JSMsg.tencentAccountType = ‘23360’; ]]>dcsimg


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