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Industrial transformer manufacturers and suppliers in India

The industries such as Steel, Cement Plants, pharmaceuticals, and thermal stations have signed up with us, and we continue to deliver quality-reflecting transformers to them. This rigor to perfection has taken us to be one of the top industrial transformer manufacturers and suppliers in India at present. Our services are reaching to public and private industries across the South and parts of Middle India.

Industrial transformers must have higher voltage levels with three-phase configuration when compared to another type of transformers.

Power Distribution Transformers:
  • Manufactured as per IEC and IS standards.
  • The ideal behavior of the transformers during various stresses is known with software used.
  • Enamel and insulating coating before winding.
  • Tightening the coil through hydraulic press shrinks the coil size.

India’s largest industrial transformers manufacturer, Esennar has bagged many awards with its execution and innovation. This has boosted up our levels to be top-notch industrial transformer manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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