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New and Used Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale Throughout Australia

Buying and selling Massey Ferguson Tractors across an Australia-wide network

Are you in the market to buy a new or used Massey Ferguson tractor? Then Farm Tender is the place to go.

Farm Tender gives you a wide range of options, whether Buying or selling Massey Ferguson Tractors. It doesn’t matter where you are located, as Farm Tender covers an Australia wide network that includes NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and other regions.

We here at Farm Tender offer you an easy search process of both new and used Massey Ferguson Tractors.

Farm Tender provides a wide range of Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale, and we only charge if you sell, so it’s free to list. You get a variety of models with HP ranging from 19.5 to as high as 370.

Farm Tender has made overall sales of over $100,000,000 in the last 12 months and has over 52,000 Farmer members.

Company History:

American manufacturer of Agricultural Machinery, Massey Ferguson is a merger of Canada-based Massey-Harris and UK-based Ferguson Company. This was established in 1953 and was later acquired by AGCO. It started with MF 35, and their later range of Tractors include 5700s, 6700s, 7700s and 8700s series.

Key Features:

  • Massey Ferguson Tractors are durable, highly efficient and hold a low noise engine.
  • The Tractors highlight some of the unique features like Dyna transmission, PTO options, fuse technologies and many more.
  • The tractors are meant for heavy-duty applications with add-ons like oil cooler, mid-mounted bigger balancer for reduced vibrations.
  • Moreover the tractors come with a fascinating aerodynamic look and a deluxe seat with spring suspension.
  • It has hydrostatic power steering with smart steering wheels for reducing the steering effort.
  • Lastly, its heat shrinkage sleeves, waterproof couplers, hydraulic actuated oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, and elegant indicators makes the tractors all-rounder.

With Farm Tender it’s free to register and list, as we only charge you if you sell. Browse through our listings for other locations like Melboune, Gippsland, Shepparton, Sydney, Toowoomba and Brisbane to get what you are looking for!


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