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Supplier of Cookies Hyderabad India

Business Nature



Hyderabad, India

Main Products

Chocolates & Confectionery, Biscuits, Wafer Biscuits, Cookies

About Bakemate

BakeMate is the leading Indian Food Manufacturer and Exporter of Savories and Confectioneries such as biscuits, chocolates and everything in between. With manufacturing facilities established in Hyderabad, use of sophisticated automated machinery & equipment and stringent adherence to quality, BakeMate has entered the global market as a trustworthy contender to big brands by producing the finest products that stand for quality, nutrition and superior taste. Apart from being successful in heading to the top list in Biscuit Manufacturing, Chocolate Manufacturing and Confectionery Manufacturing Industry in India; BakeMate is successfully entering into the International Market as bulk suppliers & exporters of Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolates, Wafer Biscuits and Confectionery to many Countries such as USA, Philippines, Nigeria, Angola, Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Mexico & Canada.


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